Brochures from the Liechtenstein Institute of Professional Trustees and Fiduciaries

The ongoing adaptation of the relevant legal provisions has gained considerable momentum since Liechtenstein’s accession to the European Economic Area (EEA) in 1995. The last significant revision of the Liechtenstein Professional Trustees Act (Treuhändergesetz – TrHG) took place less than a year ago – and the applicable due diligence provisions are also being adapted on a continuous basis.

A first impression of this dynamic (taking into account the adjustments up to 2014) is provided in the brochure entitled The evolving trust sector. This brochure also contains information on the importance and responsibility of the trust sector for the financial centre, as well as providing an insight into what we do and the challenges facing fiduciary professionals.

The brochure Company forms provides an up-to-date overview of company forms, and is intended to provide an initial orientation.


Brochure from Finance Liechtenstein

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