Liechtenstein trustees are available to private individuals and companies to answer all financial and economic questions with their high level of competence and up-to-date expertise.

In Liechtenstein, a licence from the Financial Market Authority (FMA) is required to perform the profession of trustee. This licence is only granted to persons who have acquired the necessary knowledge through several years of qualified practice in the trust sector, and who have passed the examination required by law.

A trustee licence entitles the holder to perform the following activities:

  • Establishment of legal entities, companies and trust settlements for third parties, in their own name and for the account of third parties, and related interventions with authorities and public offices
  • Assumption of discretionary mandates pursuant to Article 180a of the Liechtenstein Persons and Companies Act (Personen- und Gesellschaftsrecht – PGR), and assumption of trust settlements
  • Financial, economic and tax consultancy
  • Accounting and auditing

The Rules of Conduct oblige all professionals and their staff to keep their expertise up to date at all times. Our members thus provide a guarantee of conscientious and faithful performance of the tasks assigned to them. In addition, trustees are required to maintain Liechtenstein’s strict professional secrecy.

Trustees and trust companies must be insured against claims for compensation of damages in order to carry out their professional activities. The minimum insurance sum must be CHF 1 million per claim, or CHF 2 million for all claims in one year.

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